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2019 Review

Today I am starting the wind down for the Christmas break. I am looking at what stock of Christmas items I have left and starting to review the year. Although I am not out selling, this is still a busy time for me. I review every event I did this year to see whether I want to book that event next year! I take into account how busy the event was, whether my cards etc were well received and how easy setting up and packing up were, along with any other factors which are relevant. I list all the events I want to get booked in for next year and in January I start to get these booked in.

My aim is by the end of the year to have done my bookwork up to date, including a stock take. This then drives my plans and goals for the next year. I love goal setting and planning!

This year I am also planning on doing a boxing day sale. This is not something I have done before so it will be interesting to see how well it works. Look out for details on my social media!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that has supported my business in 2019!!

2020 Plans

In January I will be busy again as there are new brochures out and a range of new cards from Flamingo Paperie being launched. I send brochures to my mailing list and lots of people get organised and order their cards for the next 6 months or even for the year!

I also have lots of thank you cards I am going to be making use of in January! More on that to follow soon 😉

I am looking forward to another busy year in 2020 and to continuing to grow my card business.

That’s all from me for now, have a fabulous Christmas!

Love Teresa xx

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