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My January Send a Smile Campaign

This year I decided that during January I wanted to use my Flamingo Paperie cards to spread some gratitude and smiles during what can be a long winter month! Personally I love January as I find planning, setting goals and starting a new year exciting. But I know a lot of people don’t look forward to January and after the festivities of Christmas find January a long, long month. And so my little send a smile campaign was born!

With every brochure sent to a customer that ordered last year, I included a Thank You card with instructions to send the card to someone that they would like to thank for something. Whether it is for something they have done for them, or for just being there, send them a thank you and give them a smile!

I attended a networking meeting and gave out more thank you cards, with the same instructions to send them on! One lady knew instantly who she was going to send the card to! I look forward to finding out where these cards end up on their journey, and hearing the stories behind who they were sent to and why.

I will also be sending out a thank you card to anyone who orders from me this month who hasn’t yet had a thank you card.

If you have received a Thank You card, if you would like to share with me who you sent it to and why, I would love to hear your stories!

Love Teresa xx

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