My 5 Top Tips for New Flamingo Paperie Partners

Flamingo Paperie partners wanted. teresa4cards.co.uk is looking for new Flamingo Paperie partners to start their own work from home business.


You have started your own greetings card business with Flamingo Paperie! You have your starter pack, now what? How do I get started? HELP!

Here are my 5 tips for new Flamingo Paperie Partners:

1. Get the stock that is in your starter pack, put it in a basket and show it to people. The cards are £2.40 each or £1.90 each if they buy 10 or more. That is all you need to know to start to be able to start showing the cards off!

2. Organise a home business launch, tell people what they are doing and ask them to come around and have a look! Set a date, invite people and talk to your sponsor. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do at the home launch, your sponsor can help you with that.

3. Get your details on the brochures, write your details on if you don’t have stickers or a stamp. Put an order form in each brochure and start handing the brochures out to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

4. Meet with your sponsor either in person or online. Set some goals with their help and start making a plan of how you can get to those goals.

5. Ask your friends to have a home event for you, call in some favours if you need to! 

Tips for Keeping Going:

1. Work consistently and try to touch your business each day if you can.

2. Remember: you won’t earn if you don’t work your business especially in the beginning!

3. Meet up with other local partners to share tips, help to motivate each other, to find out about what is working for them and general support.

4. Attend company events, even if that involves travelling and juggling other things to get there! These are really important for learning from the company and from other more experienced Flamingo Paperie partners.

​5. Ask your sponsor for help if you need it.

How I can Help

I can help by coming along to your home launch if you are in my area or supporting you with some ideas for your launch. I can help you set your goals and your plan for the next few weeks or months. If you find an event you would like to go along to but you aren’t feeling confident, I am happy to come along to your first event if you are in my area. I will help you by sharing resources with you and pointing you in the right direction for company resources. If you want weekly or monthly check in calls, I am happy to schedule those.

​I am here to support you in your new business, in whatever form that looks like for you!

If you are new to Flamingo Paperie I hope you have found these tips useful. If you are looking at the business get in touch for more information, I will be happy to send you an information pack.

Love Teresa xx

Published by Teresa Haddrell

Hi there I am Teresa and I am an Executive Partner with Flamingo Paperie. I am a stationery lover, a jigsaw geek, a bookworm, a Netflix addict, a learner gardener and I have plans for travelling the world! I am also mum to two children and I work from home as this enables me to work flexibly around my children. I have been self-employed since 2002 and I have been running teresa4cards.co.uk since 2011. I became a Flamingo Paperie partner as soon as they launched. I love the greetings cards, we are so lucky to have amazing artists that design them for us and the cards make people smile!

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