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Lockdown is not Like ‘Normal’ Working from Home

My Work From Home Background

I have been working from home for some years and I have a routine in place which suits me. I normally do the school run and then work during school hours, stopping at school pick-up time. Sometimes I do a bit of work in the evening but that is rare now. And in school holiday time that flips around, we are usually out doing things during the day and then I get to work late afternoon or evenings.

As well as the routine I have, I also accept that during school holidays I will get less done. I compensate for this a little, by doing more in the lead up to the holidays, scheduling what I can, or drafting newsletters etc ready to send when they are due.

What I found Under Lockdown

Well this is new and totally different to ‘normal’ working from home, even when compared with the school holidays.

First of all there is home schooling, which is basically homework on steroids! There is sooo much of it! My normal working day is taken up by home schooling and it is exhausting. Some task can be done independently and after about a week of home schooling the kiddies did get used to doing some of their work independently. And thankfully my partner took on some of the home schooling too.

Secondly there are people in my house during the day! Whereas I can usually get on with things quietly, usually with the radio on, people keep talking to me! The kids keep asking me stuff, stuff they don’t need to ask. DON’T TALK TO ME! I found I can only do short tasks before I get interrupted by someone. I have even told my partner off for talking to me when I was working!

Finally overwhelm was also a massive factor in the first week or so of lockdown. The overwhelm of the home schooling plus of the general situation gave me total brain freeze. I didn’t feel like posting on social media, everything seemed irrelevant. A blog was out of the question because I had nothing useful to say! I didn’t want to work, I couldn’t focus on it and all but the most simple tasks were overwhelming.

Finding a Way

This could not go on, I had a week off but I still had to keep my business going somehow. Bit by bit I am getting into our new routine. I am gradually getting bits of work done. I started with easy short tasks that I didn’t need to think about very much. Then one evening I had some quiet time and put pen to paper and started writing. I had so much to say! I made lots of notes and had lots of ideas for blogs and social media going forwards.

This week has been much better, I am learning to be flexible with my time again, it is much like before my littlest started school. (I am writing this at 8pm on a Friday evening!) It is still a struggle to get time to concentrate, but I am adapting and so are the kids!

That’s all from me, stay safe and stay well.

Love Teresa xx

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