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From Bumper Month to Lockdown!


February was my busiest month in my business ever, outside of the Christmas period and even then it was busier than every month except November last year! This showed me two things, firstly my business is growing and the stuff I am doing on a day to day basis is working (and I should do more of it). Secondly there is actually plenty of business to be had in the early part of the year. I had traditionally thought ‘people have no money in the new year’ and ‘events aren’t worth doing until Easter’. I had proven myself wrong!

During February I had some great events, made some good contacts and made good sales. this all left me feeling very positive about my business


And then we got to March! We had some fabulous new cards launched, which sold brilliantly, see my Blog on the March Cards. I had some early markets in March which I did very well at and then Lockdown came!

I felt like the rug had been pulled from under me and I had no clue how I was going to continue to move my business forward. All of my events for the foreseeable future were cancelled or postponed due to the Lockdown.

That’s OK I can take this time to work on the online side of my business, I want to grow this anyway, was my first thought. I made a lovely list of all the things I could work on now I had all this extra time.

What Extra Time??

How wrong I was. There was no extra time. There was less time. A LOT less time!! My usual working day was now home schooling time.

When I had time, I suffered with constant interruptions and a complete block as to know what to write on social media. It took me a long time to adjust and settle enough to be able to do any of the work I wanted to do on the online side of my business. Even now I find it a struggle. See my blog on why working from home in Lockdown is not the same as normal working from home.


I need not have panicked. Throughout April I had a steady flow of orders coming in. Some through social media, some from my mailing list, some from baskets I had sent out before the lockdown started, some through the post from my January brochure mail out, some from brochures I had given out at events in February and some through online networking.

I did not meet the target for April that I had set myself at the beginning of the year, but I was happy with the sales I had made. This was helped as well by lower costs, as I wasn’t paying event rents and travelling to events!


We are only a few days into May as I write this, but interestingly the orders are still coming in. People from events I have been to in the past are looking for me and contacting me requesting the most recent brochure, or ordering using my website.

I have learned the valuable lesson that the contacts you make at events and your mailing list are so important when getting out is not possible. Finally I am so so grateful to everyone that has supported my business over the last few weeks, so THANK YOU!!

Love Teresa xx

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