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My Flamingo Paperie Journey

Flamingo Paperie with teresa4cards

My Flamingo Paperie Journey – It’s a Long One!

Phoenix Trading – The Beginning

My Flamingo Paperie journey began in January 2011 with a different company, Phoenix Trading. I was at a school fair selling items from another business and as is often the case I entered the raffle. I won a prize and I was drawn to a gift bag of items. When I got the bag home I rummaged through the contents and I LOVED the cards, gift wrap and stationery items from Phoenix Trading which were in the bag. I thought about it for about 2-3 months and I finally decided in January 2011 that I wanted to sell these cards too!

I bought the biggest pack I could and I jumped in! I did not have the best start. I had just started a new job and didn’t have the flexibility I had before to run a business on the side. I dabbled, I did bits and pieces as and when, without any real direction.

I joined the business because it was flexible and there were no monthly targets. Unfortunately over the years this has worked against me as I picked it up and put it down as and when I was busy with other things. I worked inconsistently and did it when I felt like it. Although there were some periods when I did work hard with it.

A Few Years In

After a few years of dabbling, I made the decision that either I had to give it a better go or it had to go!! I worked hard for about 6 months going to all the events I could find and could fit in to my schedule. I saw my business starting to grow. I had regular customers and people were starting to recognise me as the card lady! I had also started to gather people onto my mailing list.

Then I moved house! I moved away from North Devon and back to my home town. It felt like I was starting again. I did not know what events were good and all the stallholders I previously networked with were out of my area. I struggled to get started again and really I ended up going back to dabbling!! In between dabbling I had long periods of doing nothing at all towards my business!

The End of Phoenix Trading

Then in early August 2017 I got the news that Phoenix Trading was closing. I was in a long period of doing nothing towards my business but I was gutted. For a short while I believed I wouldn’t be able to ‘do my card business’ anymore. I did not like this. I wanted to be able to carry on, it had been something I had always fallen back on and gone back to.

Flamingo Paperie was Born!

When it was announced that Flamingo Paperie was going to open, I joined up straight away. I promised myself then that I would work consistently at my business, week in and week out. And I do. I still get distractions coming along but I keep working at my card business.

I can honestly say I love the new Flamingo Paperie business, it is more streamlined, the designs are beautiful and HO are gradually introducing new lines which are opening up new markets for me.

At the start of lockdown in 2020 I thought I would struggle and I did struggle to post on social media, or blog, or email for a long time. I just couldn’t find any words! Without being able to go to events I thought my sales would plummet. I am happy to say I was absolutely wrong!! I had the busiest first 8 months of the year ever.

How I Stay Focused

🦩 I have made some things in my business non-negotiable. For example, I send a twice monthly newsletter email and I post to social media daily.

🦩 I have connected with my Flamingo Paperie upline. This really helps me to stay on track.

🦩 I have attended company events and connected with other partners

🦩 I have done LOADS of online training on goal setting and vision boards, helping me to keep focused and enabling me to have clear strategies in place to grow my business

🦩 I have had free training and from my local council by Cool Ventures Ltd plus 1-2-1 mentoring

🦩 I have learned a lot about social media and growing your business online

🦩 I have done a lot of personal development helping me to grow and learn. This is ongoing!!

🦩 I have started to grow a team, so I need to stay focused to be able to help them!

My Tips

This business is super simple, there isn’t loads of product information to learn and the cards are beautiful! My tips are to set your goals, make a plan and get to work. Work consistently and focus on your goals!!

Scalable Business

The BEST thing about the Flamingo Paperie business is it is scalable. By scalable I mean that your business can grow without being limited by the time that you yourself have available.

It is scaleable in two ways.

Firstly you can introduce other people to Flamingo Paperie and grow your own team and business that way. You can then earn by helping to develop your team members.

Secondly with online ordering you can simply promote your business and let Flamingo Paperie HO do the rest, they process and send out the orders for you. This has worked brilliantly for me during lockdown.

Christmas 2020

I made it to Senior Partner in the business! I introduced some lovely team members to the business and Christmas sales were fabulous, even though I was not doing events.

Christmas 2021

A year later I finally made it to Executive Partner! I was finally back to doing events and sales were fabulous throughout the Christmas period, helping me and my team to reach the requirements for Executive Partner promotion.

You can learn more about becoming a Flamingo Paperie partner here.

Love Teresa xx

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