I Got it Wrong!

2020 really showed me a lot about my greetings card business with Flamingo Paperie. Looking back on 2020 it also showed me not to make any assumptions! I have been running teresa4cards for 10 years. During this time I was very focused on getting to events, markets and fairs and getting out and about with my cards. I had combined this with online selling too but the events were my main focus.

Here are some of the myths I had ‘made-up’ about my business over the years which were destroyed in 2020!

  1. Sales are rubbish in January, people don’t spend much. Wrong! I had some fantastic orders from my mailing list last January and did great sales at an event I did too.
  2. It’s not worth doing events before Easter. Wrong! I had an amazing set of events in February which generated more sales than most of the months the year before. Contacts from those events continued to buy cards all the way through 2020 and they shared my brochures with their friends too!
  3. No events = No Sales. Wrong! When lockdown came in March this was my assumption. Happily it was very wrong! My mailing list were very keen to buy and people were contacting me from events the previous year, where they had picked up and kept my details. Orders were continuing to come in, even though I was doing very little promotion as I had no words. When first lockdown started I was frozen in my business for about two months!
  4. Online Selling Won’t Keep Me Busy Enough. Wrong! The continuous trickle of orders coming in encouraged me to start to promote my cards consistently again. I had the busiest Christmas season in my business that I have ever had! This time without leaving my home and standing all day at Christmas events!
  5. I can’t sponsor people into my business, I am no good at it and I won’t know how to help them. Wrong! I sponsored my first new person into my team for two years in August and then it snowballed! I added 6 more by the end of the year and I LOVE helping them!!

2020 ended up being my busiest year ever in my business and I am very grateful for everyone that supported me. I am going to try to not make assumptions from now on! This year I will get back to events when they are running again, because I love doing them but I am going to be more selective.

Love Teresa xx

Published by Teresa Haddrell

Hi there I am Teresa and I am an Executive Partner with Flamingo Paperie. I am a stationery lover, a jigsaw geek, a bookworm, a Netflix addict, a learner gardener and I have plans for travelling the world! I am also mum to two children and I work from home as this enables me to work flexibly around my children. I have been self-employed since 2002 and I have been running teresa4cards.co.uk since 2011. I became a Flamingo Paperie partner as soon as they launched. I love the greetings cards, we are so lucky to have amazing artists that design them for us and the cards make people smile!

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