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Father’s Day Cards 21 Suggestions by Flamingo Paperie

Father’s Day in the UK is on 19th June this year (2022). Here are some of my suggestions for Father’s Day cards from the Flamingo Paperie card range.

Whilst we don’t have any of the traditional Father’s Day cards, there are also many alternatives which can be used as Father’s Day cards without the fear of cheesy rhymes being inside! All our cards are blank inside, which means you can select the one which is perfect for the recipient and then write your own Father’s Day message inside.

Perhaps your dad loves gardening, or tech or golf? A great scenic card is also a fabulous option for a dad that loves getting away on holiday. We also have the cut through farm and cut through pub designs which are brilliant!

There is also a fabulous range of nature themed cards here are three of my favourites. These are also popular with my customer too and can actually be used for many different occasions.

I hope that has helped to give you some ideas. Here are three more of my best selling cards for men, which can easily be used for Father’s Day too.

To browse our full range contact me for a brochure or you can also shop online.

Love Teresa xx

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