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Become a Flamingo Paperie Partner

Join My Flamingo Paperie Team

Flamingo Paperie is a UK based business and it has very much a family feel. All of our greetings cards, notecards and sheets of gift wrap are produced in the UK and designed by amazing artists! They are beautiful cards and amazing value!

I would love to welcome you to my team as an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner. Get in touch if you would like to find out more. Here is some information to start off with:

A Flexible Business Opportunity

Being a Flamingo Paperie Partner is extremely flexible, there are no monthly targets and you choose how much you want to work. The basic commission is 30% (20% for orders via your website) with a further retail bonuses when you reach set sales levels.

Help and Support

I am here to help and support you and we have a team Whats App group to keep in touch. There is also support in our wider team facebook group and you can also benefit from joining our regular team training calls which are held via Zoom. Plus there are company wide partner meetings and conferences.

You will soon feel part of the Flamingo Family!

Some Industry Information

In the UK 85% of cards are bought by women and 33 cards on average are bought per person making the greetings card industry huge! The annual greetings card spend in the UK is £1.75 billion.

We have recently entered the craft market with our new papercraft kits. This market is worth £3.4 billion and is growing, with over 50% of women undertaking a crafting activity on a regular basis.

More Information?

If you would like more information contact me and I will send you an information pack.

Get Started Now

If you are keen to get started click the button to see all of the joining options. I recommend that you opt for the biggest pack that you can reasonably afford, as the bigger the pack the more profit there is to be made!

Statutory Notice
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

How to Earn an Income from Flamingo Paperie

Not in the UK?

Our network currently operates in the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. You can become a Flamingo Partner if you are in any of these countries.

Outside of these countries you can join Flamingo Paperie as an International Business Customer which enables you to buy and sell our cards but not grow a team. If you would like to register as an International Business Customer contact me for more information and a registration form. It is free to register.

Why I Love Being a Flamingo Paperie Partner

I love the flexibility of the business. Over the years I have picked it up and put it down according to the other things I have had going on. With no monthly targets I work as and when I want to. However I have learnt that working consistently is what brings good results.

I love the cards. They make people smile when they are looking through them. That makes my day when I am out selling. And the cards they choose will be passed on to other people and will make them smile too!

I love the people. Everyone within Flamingo Paperie is friendly, approachable and very willing to help you. We really are like a family!

Let’s build something together.

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