Valentine’s Day Card Showcase

If you are looking for a different sort of Valentine’s Day card this year then look no further than the lovely range of cards by Flamingo Paperie. There are no cheesy rhymes in these cards! They are all blank inside for you to write your own more personal message.

All of Flamingo Paperie’s cards are designed and printed in the UK, supporting the UK printing industry. They are printed on chlorine free board using vegetable based inks, with paper from responsible sources regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). If there is glitter on the card it is environmentally friendly (bio flitter), made from a vegetable derivative and biodegradable in marine and waste water.

There is lots to love about this beautiful range of cards! The great thing here too is that they are not just for Valentine’s, they are really flexible. You could use some of them for Mother’s Day for example, or for a birthday or to send some love to a friend to let them know you are thinking about them.

Don’t leave it too late to order your cards as the warehouse is very busy and with social distancing added into the mix as well, orders are taking longer than normal to be despatched. If you prefer to contact me to see which ones I have in my stock, click the contact me button. I can send the cards out more quickly at the moment if they are in my stock!

Next up in my blog I will have some Mother’s Day suggestions! See you then!

Love Teresa xx

I Got it Wrong!

2020 really showed me a lot about my greetings card business with Flamingo Paperie. Looking back on 2020 it also showed me not to make any assumptions! I have been running teresa4cards for 10 years. During this time I was very focused on getting to events, markets and fairs and getting out and about with my cards. I had combined this with online selling too but the events were my main focus.

Here are some of the myths I had ‘made-up’ about my business over the years which were destroyed in 2020!

  1. Sales are rubbish in January, people don’t spend much. Wrong! I had some fantastic orders from my mailing list last January and did great sales at an event I did too.
  2. It’s not worth doing events before Easter. Wrong! I had an amazing set of events in February which generated more sales than most of the months the year before. Contacts from those events continued to buy cards all the way through 2020 and they shared my brochures with their friends too!
  3. No events = No Sales. Wrong! When lockdown came in March this was my assumption. Happily it was very wrong! My mailing list were very keen to buy and people were contacting me from events the previous year, where they had picked up and kept my details. Orders were continuing to come in, even though I was doing very little promotion as I had no words. When first lockdown started I was frozen in my business for about two months!
  4. Online Selling Won’t Keep Me Busy Enough. Wrong! The continuous trickle of orders coming in encouraged me to start to promote my cards consistently again. I had the busiest Christmas season in my business that I have ever had! This time without leaving my home and standing all day at Christmas events!
  5. I can’t sponsor people into my business, I am no good at it and I won’t know how to help them. Wrong! I sponsored my first new person into my team for two years in August and then it snowballed! I added 6 more by the end of the year and I LOVE helping them!!

2020 ended up being my busiest year ever in my business and I am very grateful for everyone that supported me. I am going to try to not make assumptions from now on! This year I will get back to events when they are running again, because I love doing them but I am going to be more selective.

Love Teresa xx

Recyclable Christmas Gift Wrap by Flamingo Paperie

Christmas gift wrapping! Do you love it or do you hate it? I am not a neat present wrapper at all and I am in envy of those who craft beautifully wrapped presents! Fear not we have a range of wrapping options which won’t rip at the corner of every box!!

We have recyclable single sheet gift wrap, recyclable and biodegradable kraft roll wrap, plus tissue paper.

Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper comes in packs of 5 sheets for just £2 and our Christmas ones have been very popular this year! We also have coloured tissue for all year round too.

Single Sheet Gift Wrap

Flamingo Paperie single sheet gift wrap is recyclable and measures 70cm by 50 cm. It is available in Christmas and everyday designs. It is fabulous quality at 120gsm and has a cutting grid on the back so you never use more than you need to! Here are the Christmas designs:

Recyclable and Biodegradable Kraft Roll Wrapping Paper

Flamingo Paperie’s kraft roll wrap is recyclable and biodegradable. It is deep-dyed, the colour goes all the way through the paper, with vegetable based inks. The rolls are 3 metres long by 70cm. They are great for crafting and for stamping your own designs, as well as wrapping! They are available all year round too.

Kraft roll wrap by Flamingo Paperie

Gift Tags

Our gift tags are available in packs of 5 for £2. They come with lengths of twine to stick the tag to the presents. We have them in Christmas designs, birthday designs and plain tags too. Here are the Christmas ones to match the Christmas single sheet gift wrap!

Have fun with your Christmas wrapping!

Love Teresa xx

Flamingo Paperie best selling Christmas Cards

It is always fascinating to see which Flamingo Paperie Christmas card designs become the best sellers each Christmas season. I never predict it correctly! It’s a good job I don’t choose the range! I am so grateful every year for the fabulous artists which design our cards.

Here are this seasons top 5 best selling Christmas cards so far based on Flamingo Paperie Partner orders:

Here are this seasons top 5 based on customer website orders:

Most of these designs are packs of 8 Christmas cards, apart from the Snowman card which is a pop out character card.

Santa and Snowman Christmas cards by Flamingo Paperie

The packs of 8 Christmas cards are priced at £3, £4 or £4.50 depending on the size of the cards.

My favourites again this year are the advent calendar cards. Both the sheep one and the reindeer one have been very popular with my customers. All of the advent calendar cards are only £3 each and they post as a normal letter, so they are a great special card to send to friends and family further afield. Just remember to send them early so they can be enjoyed for the whole of December!

I am having my busiest Christmas season ever, even with all my events being cancelled for this year. Whether November will beat November last year though, will be interesting to see!

If you are looking for an additional income and would like to take a look at the business opportunity with Flamingo Paperie click the learn more button! You are also welcome to contact me if there is anything you would like to know.

That’s all from me for now! Take care

Teresa xx

Getting Started on Social Media for New Flamingo Paperie Partners

But First

Social media takes time! It takes time to set up and it takes time to grow. There might be a lot of learning involved too if you haven’t had an online business before. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

I would advise trying to fit in some of the other ways of selling in and around your everyday life. Perhaps dropping off brochures to friends and family, colleagues and neighbours and using the cards you have in your starter pack to show what good quality they are. See my recent blog My 5 top Tips for New Flamingo Paperie Partners on the best ways to get started in your business.

Flamingo Paperie Christmas cards 2020 designs

When you are ready to dive in to social media here are my top tips:

My Top 10 Tips for Getting Started on Social Media for New Flamingo Paperie Partners

  1. Have your website on your facebook profile so that people can easily see what you do.
  2. Set up a facebook business page. There is some debate over whether a facebook group or page is better. Groups are better for interaction so you may decide this is the way to go. However when you get onto the next tips you will find it easier with a facebook page. I have a page as my ‘shop window’ I then use a group for my customers.
  3. Join some local facebook groups. Some will allow local business promotion, others have specific days of the week / month where you can promote your business.
  4. Join some facebook networking groups. This will help you to connect with other local business people. An example is Mums/Moms in Business International, they have local groups all over the country and will have special promotion days for example follow Friday, where you can share about your business.
  5. Be social! Don’t try to sell all the time. Put up some fun posts too!
  6. Stick to one or maybe two social media platforms and do them well. If you try to do all of them all of the time you won’t have time and will become overwhelmed. My main platform is Facebook and I schedule posts in advance so that I have something going out each day. I use Pinterest to pin all the new products when there is a new product release. I post occasionally to Instagram and Linked in. Twitter I only use to share posts from other platforms. Facebook may not be your favourite platform, go with the one which you are most familiar with.
  7. Little and often is the best approach! Regular posts rather than a bunch of posts on one day works better.
  8. Be brave, show you, talk about why you started your business, talk about why you love your business and what you love. People like to see your story.
  9. Be consistent, if you only post once a week, make sure it is every week. I recently started to do a weekly facebook live (after many months and years of avoiding doing lives!!). I initially wanted to do Friday mornings, but I knew things happen through the week and I am not always around on Friday mornings. So I opted for Monday. Not necessarily when the most people are around but it is when I am usually home and it would mean I would be able to do it consistently.
  10. Do what is sustainable for you. Don’t try to do more than you can manage as you will get overwhelmed and you will stop being consistent.
Flamingo Paperie Christmas Brochure, shop online for beautiful greetings cards and gift wrap.

Health Warning!

What a fabulous time we live in, with all the social media platforms available to us there are so many ways to advertise your business for FREE!! It also makes it so easy to connect with lots of people.

BUT social media can be a time drain! Use it wisely! Keep checking in with yourself, are you actually working on your business or have you just gone into scrolling mode?!

It takes time to build. It takes time for people to get to know you and it takes time for people to learn what your business is or does.

Get in touch if you would like any help getting started with your social media, I’ll be happy to help if I can!

Love Teresa xx